Residential Design

Interior Designers In Vizag is familiar with home decor along with corporate tasks. Creating the warm home decor is really a different idea that assembling a pleasing work place. With colors, style, furnishings and various decor elements a home gets its character. Be ready for a roller coaster ride whenever you sit down to do the next big task involving home interiors, garden & terracing.

Interior Designers In India

Office Design

Office Interior planning are equally as important whether or not the office can be found at house or inside a corporate building. In every case, lots of forethought and proper planning by Rhombus Interiors will produce the very best results. The perfect office ought to be comfortable and safe, practical and appealing, with everything in its optimum location for optimum productivity and simplicity of use.

Interior Designers In India

Commercial Design

We provide unique collection of designing and decoration services which are rendered to corporate sectors. Based on the clients sample designs, we plan, draw the design, analyze and finally execute the designing services. By the complete fusion of flamboyant lights and bright colors we carry out the design which truly symbolizes the professionalism of the corporate sectors.

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Our Process

  • Site Visit
  • Objectives
  • Design Proposal
  • Build A Model
  • Installation

Discuss in confidence your individual requirements on site or in the relaxed and ambient sanctuary of our well-appointed design studio. Following an in-depth discussion of your brief with one of our design team, we analyse your requirements and define which of our many services you may require congenial with your lifestyle, budget and time constraints. Our accomplished ability to understand, define and transform our clients’ aspirations and objectives, achieves an exclusive and personally tailored package without exception. An impressive collective knowledge of current market trends, together with many years of experience ensures each project is approached with a fresh and inventive eye.

Our concept and ideas will be shared with customers to enhance the look of customers entirely. We describe our ideas and concept and decide which is good, better and best.

An overview of design style for the project will be proposed and several design solutions put forward for your consideration based on your brief. Holistic illustrations of appropriate design elements may be offered during the initial planning process. Our design concepts booklet is presented as a full-colour perspective illustration and/or CGI graphics, supported by mood boards, furniture layouts, lighting arrangements and floor plans.  In this way style, scale and proportions are illustrated and a clear indication of how the space can be utilised.

We build the complete inteior in 4D desgn and then Create the product and install it with the experienced installer with fine finishing.

We install the created product. Time to celebrate! The space will be yours to enjoy for years to come.

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