Frequently Asked Questions

Import Export

Questions about import and export procedures, problems etc

Importing any product to India involves following steps:

  •  Import Export License
  •  Gather Product Requirements and specifications
  •  Identifying various genuine manufacturers
  •  Negotiating Price and Quantity
  •  Arranging contracts with manufacturer
  •  Factory Visiting
  •  Product Quality Verification
  •  Shipment, Insurance and Port charges
  •  Customs clearance

We provide service for all steps involved in importing any product to India. And we have specific team in china and collaboration with a company in china to procure the products.

We believe in our team with smart work and specific set of skills which are essential from product sourcing to quality control and delivery. Most of the tasks consume your valuable time in travelling and finding genuine manufacturers in current industry, where many middlemen are posing as manufacturers, especially in china. There are many aspects involved when dealing with other country businessmen, such as understanding their culture, Language and business etiquettes. Many customers got cheated either by the fake manufacturers or by low quality products shipment.

We make your importing trouble free. Originally our service is evolved to provide solution to these problems, so that you can concentrate on improving sales and satisfy the customers as we do.

Almost anything except brand named products such as Apple, Samsung – in general – cannot be imported and products which are not legally allowed to your country.

Yes, there is a minimal registration fee and part of the registration fee will be returned on complete of transaction. We charge some registration fee, since we allocate our experienced man power and the resources to do research on your product requirements and get the quotes from various manufacturers. Please contact us.

We make sure that, manufacturer uses the best quality raw materials or spare parts according to your product specifications.

Most of the manufacturers negotiate price based on quantity. If you order minimum one 20feet container for shipping by sea, it saves lot of freight charge as compared by air, almost 3 times.

Yes, you can, we talk to the manufacturers to provide the samples, mostly sent by Air.


Shipping price depends on container size (20feet, 40feet, 40feet HQ) and the destination port. It varies time to time. Approximately the range is from 500 to 1000 USD per container.

Price varies based on total price of purchase.

Innovative Products

Questions about Innovation and Products 

Products which can solve the problems of human beings in best possible way by using latest technology and other inventions by people. In other words, improve the lives of people.

People in various countries are doing research for continuous development of life style. But the outcome is limited to their region or country. That’s where Rhombus Innovations play the role of finding the innovative products in other countries and customize according to our people needs and taste, and do marketing.

Contact Rhombus Innovations Team. Our team has from young entrepreneurs to experienced members to explore the idea and research to take it to next big stage. Join us to make the difference.


We believe in our work to improve the life style of people. We have resources with experience to take the ideas to market research and then develop and deliver to the customers.

People with ideas are always in confused state on where to start, how to start etc ?

Our company started from the same state of mind.

Partners & Dealership

Questions about taking dealership for any product and explanation about how we are going to sell through our channel

You can become partner with us in any one of services:

  •    To marketing, distribute our innovative products
  •    To provide business solutions to other companies, government bodies
  •   To import any product from china and other Asian countries

We believe in mission, purpose and values of our company. Join us, if you are with strong desire to fulfill your dreams and to work towards our company objectives.

Business Solutions

Questions about business solutions, how we are going to provide innovative equipment with latest technologies.

RhombussInn team has experienced team in understanding latest technologies and equipment, which makes tedious labour job in easy way.