Be A Partner With Us

Rhombus Innovations offers many opportunities to become partners with us:

  1. Product sourcing partner:  We procure the best raw materials, machinery and any other resources for your company by visiting various factories and bargain with manufacturers for the lowest prices on behalf of you. You can hire us as a constant partner, we will take care all of your procurement needs.
  2. Innovative Ideas or Products:  Do you have innovative ideas which can solve the problems and improves the lives of people and don't know how to start ? And Where to start? If you have any ideas on the new products and want to give manufacture for outsourcing or import from other countries. Contact Us, we can do together.
  3. Wholesale/Retail Partner:  We find innovative products and  either we import or chose to manufacture at outsourcing factory based on market needs. You can become partners in sales. We will give you the good margin for the constant sales partner.
  4. Export/Import Partner: Are you looking for partners to sell or buy, raw materials or products ? We do use our resources to improve your sales by exporting your products to different countries.

For detailed information Contact Us.