We are young entrepreneurs from Visakhapatnam, India. We believe in innovation, is the key to improve the lives of people and which is one of main objectives of our company KVM RHOMBUS Enterprises Pvt Ltd, so does we encourage and work towards innovation in any possible way. Main reason of creation of the company was from the dream to work together, generate employment and contribute to the economic development of world.

Our mission:

  • To offer business solutions to manufacturing and service industries in Government or Private sector, by providing innovative equipment with leading edge technology.
  • To take innovative products to people by creating a platform for the innovative products to sell and purchase by individuals, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers.
  • Offer or take distribution, partnerships, import/export of products with innovation.

 Our team is young, enthusiastic and committed to find the quality products with international standards. And our team has more than 5 years of working experience in procurement of various products by visiting Expos and factories in major cities of China, Hongkong and India. Our team has the profiles with engineering background and also very knowledgeable on raw materials and manufacturing process of various products.

The smart work, passion, integrity, innovation and quality are values of our company in work culture, makes us to deliver the customer satisfaction as high priority by providing impeccable service and leading edge technology products. We are ready to work as partners in manufacturing, franchising, dealerships, product sourcing, import and export of various products. Please visit the page to know more about our services and opportunities.